Sunday, February 5, 2012

excitement before the fact

Today, thank God, the Super Bowl will at last be a reality. News story after news story has parsed and analyzed and promoted and argued about the crown-jewel football game up until today. Some of those stories even dissected the advertising for lack of other substance. It has been endless and unrelenting in the press. And now, today, the game that is just a game will finally be over. I will watch the game, but not because of the hype that preceded it.

It's like going to the dentist ... lots of pre-game anxiety followed by some recognition that all those projections didn't change a single fact.

And the multi-million-dollar efforts to secure the Republican nomination for president of the United States are much the same. The media finds a million ways to retell a thread-bare story over and over and over again. Naturally, if pressed, ponderous writers and talkers will say it is an important story ... a story on which our 'democracy' rides. What they really mean is that they need a paycheck... and are unwilling to do the hard work to unearth the substance of the candidates who specialize in side-stepping substance. If lots of people cheer the advertising, then the advertising must be important and thus worthy of reporting.

Oh well, eventually that game will just be played and we can all return to matters of more substance ... things like soap operas and game shows.

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