Friday, August 31, 2012


Dismemberment does not seem to be a pastime limited to the realms of sharia law and its faithful adherents.

True, two adolescents, a boy and a girl, were recently beheaded in Afghanistan, but that's a blood-thirsty part of the world, right? But now the Canadians -- the good-tempered and civilized Canadians -- are investigating yet another dismemberment in the person of a woman's beheaded torso that was found near Niagara Falls.

I wonder why what happens here is an 'aberration,' while what happens there is 'par for the course.'

PS. And as if life in Canada had not gotten disconcerting enough, now police a investigating the theft of an unknown (but large) quantity of maple syrup, of which Quebec supplies three quarters of what the world consumes.

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