Thursday, August 23, 2012

the piffle of spiritual endeavor?

Without any intent to convince or correct others, still, sometimes I do think that so-called spiritual endeavor is far too spendthrift and fruitless an activity for the likes of man.

Why would the unlimited dither and dally in the realms of what is so clearly limited? It's as if the blue sky were to pull up an armchair for a heart-felt effort to unravel the 'thorny' mysteries of blue sky.

Piffle ... but expensive piffle.

Wouldn't it be more fruitful, and less expensive, to simply sell Tupperware or plant petunias?

I suppose everyone has to fill their days with some activity, but spiritual endeavor?!

1 comment:

  1. It depends from where one starts when indoctrinated into the real world....still think if one is still young and been immersed in any "form" of spiritual endeavor from the get was only a matter of time before they get hit front on...( no one can turn water into wine, though whats the difference)

    the body is a buddha tree
    the mind is an cup of empty light
    travelling through the four darmha realms
    where does the dust alight?