Thursday, August 30, 2012

"growing up"

Sometimes I think "growing up" amounts to little more than recognizing we are all subject to gravity.

I don't mean the decked-out-don mind that oozes with hope and self-promotion and says "I understand." And I don't mean the attitude of the bling and bias maven mind that says, "I know." All that is just clinging to childishness.

I mean the beyond-all-doubt mind that, having realized what is plainly true, can forget all about it and do whatever it likes. The recognition has no value whatsoever and yet a failure to find out for sure nourishes endless uncertainties and a lifestyle that most closely resembles that of a whining, socially-acceptable child.

Strange how what is so ostensibly-impersonal can require such a personal effort.

No wonder whining is so popular.

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