Monday, August 27, 2012

uphill battle, downhill slide

Is there an "uphill battle" without a "downhill slide" or a "downhill slide" without an "uphill battle?"

I doubt it.

Set the sights on the East and the West is forgotten. Take up one adventure and forsake the wispy finger-crossing of a Christian marriage vow: "Forsaking all others...."

You can only do what you're doing. And yet doing what you're doing simultaneously means not-doing what you're not-doing.

Uphill battle -- sometimes very heart-felt.

Downhill slide -- sometimes pretty discouraging.

But now and then and from time to time, maybe it's worth noting what things were like before "uphill" and "downhill" crank up their motors, to touch base with the starting point before things get started.

Neither uphill nor down.

Isn't it time to take out the garbage?


  1. the body is a buddha tree
    the mind an empty cup of light
    travelling through the four darmha realms
    where does the dust alight? always has the choice to step out of the way of the putrid dust.

  2. Dear Anonymous -- By "putrid dust" I have to assume you are referring to what some Buddhists call "enlightenment."