Monday, August 27, 2012

"we" think

It may be an unkind failing, but there it is, warts and all:

I don't like "we" and "one" and "they" when addressing an audience. The cajoling succulence, false humility and unwillingness to shoulder responsibility just make my teeth itch.

What is the matter with "I think" or "I feel?"

Well, what's the matter with that is the fact that it lacks the invitation to a group hug or a circle jerk ... something socially warming and inviting and supportive. If "we think" or "one feels" or "they do," the sense of a wider agreement can be asserted or affirmed. And anyone knows that the more people who think the same thing, the true-r it becomes, right? Eeeeeuuuuwww.

If only "I think" or "I feel," what kind of important clout could that convey? Hell, that's just little old me ... not lots and lots of people whose combined clout is ever so much more impressive.

And yet, in the end, it is always only-little-old-me banging my gums. And you, deciding whether I am full of shit or not. And sometimes the one banging his gums and the one sniffing the shit are stuck between my very own ears.

And that perspective is worth maintaining, I think.

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