Wednesday, August 13, 2014

crumbs on the table

-- In the evening newstelecasts these days, there are almost invariably news cuts of Toyota pick-up trucks sporting camouflage-clad men bearing at least one, mounted .50-calibre machine gun. It seems to be a rolling pillbox and I wonder what correlation there is between Toyota pick-up sales and the melon-smashed crania of Israeli and Palestinian boys and girls.

-- And, conversely, if Toyota pick-up sales dwindle, is there any suggestion that either Israelis or Palestinians actually give a shit about blowing each other up under cover of "peace efforts."

--  It seems to me that since Edward Snowden et al let the spying-on-Americans out of the bag, every adventure movie and book (they're the paper things with consecutive pages) would be severely called into question when the hero/heroine pretends to be on a secure line talking with his/her handler. Once there was a belief in secure communications. This, however, is not that time.

Perhaps book-burnings can find another foundation since reading is no longer a likely pastime.

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