Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Palestinian boy takes on an adversary. Clearly he poses an explosive and powerful threat to judge by the counter-measures.

But it's not really fair if the Israelis get to use all that American hardware to quash a vocal-but-poorly-equipped citizenry in pursuit of democratic values.

Who knows what might happen in Ferguson, Mo., where a black teenager was shot dead and the citizenry (some, but far from all, hooligans) took sticks and stones umbrage. Bring out the 'protective' gear! Let the American taxpayer pay to defend the American taxpayer from the American taxpayer ... the Israelis shouldn't have all the fun.


  1. I remember, years back, the San Francisco police went into Golden Gate park to remove a homeless encampment. They came in on foot and on horseback, wielding sticks and pepper spray instead of swords and crossbows. Clearly it reminded me of similar events from history that we'd deem unkind with the blessing of hindsight. But hindsight is apparently unable to see the present.

  2. Unfortunately I don't think the hooligans go away when you ask them to. Ya know, if police walked up on foot with no protective gear, they might not be received with open arms and smiles.

    And, that tank is not "countermeasures" to the kid. At least make a legit argument if you're going to point out the imbalances. Again, I don't think the Palestinians would have the Israelis come in to talk over tea.

    Maybe we should just stay out of it completely. Let Isis, the rioters and Israel and Palestine just destroy themselves. I'm sure no bystanders will be hurt. Only the bad guys will suffer.

  3. Some would say nuke 'em all, or stay out of it. Inequities do abound. Israel is considered a first world nation with a thriving industrial economy, and yet the largest chunk of american foreign aid goes to Israel, averaging 4billion annually. The newest numbers i can find show Palestinian aid from international donors, america being a large part of that, at 1.8billion in 2008, 1.4billion in 2009 and 585million in the first part of 2010. I can find no newer numbers for some reason. And apparently the numbers for palestinian aid dropped because they refused the conditions that came with them, political maneuvering stuff.

    In america, police departments can wear kevlar and riot gear without looking like paramilitary. And it would seem the police have the option of not shooting unarmed people without putting themselves too much at risk. And as well it seems they could take responsibility for hiring and protecting officers who perhaps have agenda's other than to protect and serve.

    Hooligans will of course take advantage of opportunities, as will provocateurs. I have to think it would be naive to think that the tactics of cointelpro were no longer in use. In the news today i saw that volunteers were getting between the demonstrators and police attempting to keep things peaceful and on point for a message of justice.

    And apparently such demonstrations are happening in other american cities that have endured similar police shootings to show support for the citizens of Ferguson who feel wronged and at risk from their police department.

    These things aren't new or unusual in human history, but for those who had hope for the promise of the bill of rights these events will be painful. And perhaps they do point to a trend, not new in history, but new to those hopeful americans.

  4. I hope that the police stand trial and get what they deserve. I imagine he did use excessive force. Just my opinion. Maybe because he hate's blacks. Maybe because he panicked. As outsiders, we have no idea. Only what we've heard on the news. And all those people who are busy looting and setting stuff on fire...wonder how many of those people witnessed the shooting? I have no sympathy for people that act on what they 'think' they know, and take out all their frustrations on whoever happens to be in the area. Shoot them with non-lethal rounds, hit them with CS gas. I'm cool with that. Protesters walking with signs? No. Looters, guys throwing rocks at police, destroying property. Yes. And unfortunately, there isn't time to give those hundreds of people fair trial in the courts. The police may have them outgunned, but they have the disadvantage. Also unfortunate is the fact that there will be collateral damage. If there's a shooting, don't go stand next the guy w/ the gun and start arguing with the police. I don't think it's that hard a concept.

  5. Some people struggle with simple concepts. And sometimes, feelings of desperation and frustration can overwhelm one's capacity to accept simple concepts. I know i've done stupid things because in that moment, there was no voice in my head saying "don't do that".

    It's frustrating to think that some people are too stupid to understand, or too upset to calm themselves. But, i think that this is them struggling with their capacity. This is them in need of our compassion.

    Somehow, the richest nation in the world cannot afford or find enough Andy Griffiths to protect and serve as we'd like. Some how a nation that used to be the bell cow of education has failed to overcome racism that leads to more unarmed blacks being shot by the police than unarmed whites.

    But this is samsara, and we all are burdened with expectations for others to "get it". And perhaps that hinders our ability to feel compassion for them. And yes, those who are victims of that ignorance, the shop keepers who are looted require our compassion too. I don't want to feel that i only have enough compassion for the one and not the other. But it would be a mistake for me to expect everyone to rise above their frustrations. I've yet to rise above mine.