Sunday, August 10, 2014

ready, aim, ....

Puttering here and there in the blog-ether, I came across:

Friday, August 08, 2014

Beyond the clichés...

I have at least one post pending on one Robert Sharf, who, I would submit, despite his academic credentials doesn't get it.

That's a post for another day.
I have no clue who Robert Sharf is and even less clue as to the writer of "Notes in Samsara" -- someone called "Mumon" who appears to have Mr. Sharf in his sights. What I do seem to understand is that from "Mumon's" point of view, Mr. Sharf would indeed "get it" if only he had his academic credentials screwed on correctly.

I wonder how often that happens ... the subtle and not so subtle invocation of the intellectual and emotional gods as a means of pinning down who "gets it" and who "doesn't."

Sorta like "compassion" when it means really, really, really, really, really, really nice.


  1. Dear Genkaku,

    Occasionally when I do pass by your blog after a long day I recall your occasional advices better than philosophers' quotes. Approximately, "Take care of myself and let the world take care of itself." I had a couple of nice dharma sisters this week evangelising me into their brand of Lotus Sutra activism. I have seldom asked you since a decade ago what brand of zen Black Moon Zendo is all about. Zen from my pathetic insights hanging around here, is just zen. A good koan sometimes, in my personal case, is what I found more beneficial after a long day of spiritual socialising. The ladies love interacting. Give them a chance, and as enjoyable as it has been, my smartphone has almost a dozen smses when you made just one new blog entry. Sometimes it's difficult replying a dharma sister saying she has got a nice arse, that's what is most attractive about her dharma, I put aside briefly the smartphone and noted that the roof repair fund raiser is still stuck at one-third of its milestone.

    Honestly this blog is what I relate as a key helper when many other fellow Buddhists have played supporting roles. I gotta lose my driving license and debit card today before I finally salvaged $8 that made its way onto the Gofundme, $15 was earned by the commercial bank that penalised me over losing the debit card that the gofundme account rejected confusingly over several months, only Buddhas know the mysteries of the world best being lokavidus.

    Squeezing alongside 1.3 billion Chinese and more via a congested internet so that I can get my name on an American page, cheapskate of me...

    <3 Thanks, simply being who you have been.

  2. Dear Lionel -- Thank you very much for your thoughts and contribution.