Tuesday, July 16, 2019

artificial intelligence article

AI will bring many wonders. It may also destabilize everything from nuclear détente to human friendships. We need to think much harder about how to adapt.
Henry A. Kissinger Eric Schmidt Daniel Huttenlocher
August 2019 Issue of Atlantic

 Written in English, I thought this article was very good.


  1. The article is full of tiresome handwringing cluelessness.

    It’s as those the authors opened the box, plugged the thing in, turned it on but never once looked at the manual or took a class, just listened to hype and rumor, then discussed the nonsense among themselves.

    They probably just finished watching The Terminator series of films in which the AI took over the world.

    The overall sense of alarm reminds me of the early years of personal computing.

    Remember this one?

    Garbage in, garbage out.
    No change.

    What the goals?
    The assumptions?
    The parameters?
    It’s not the AI we need to fear.

    “I’ll be back!”

  2. To be fair, the personal computer did change things from accounting and business record keeping for midsized and small businesses to library book tracking to graphic and web design and much else for many people in many ways. And, yes, we didn’t know in advance what would change. Netflix?!

    Supercharged computing is more of an extension and evolution of what’s been going on since Charles Babbage’s Analytic Engine was developed during the mid 19th century.

    Keep the faith, baby!
    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Or as a rather obscure Zen Teacher is known to have observed and commented, “It’s how you take it.”