Thursday, July 25, 2019

feeling the tyrants

If the word itself weren't so incendiary, a part of me senses that I live in a time that might be called "the ascent of the tyrants." "Tyrant" is a little too comic-book-y ... not that much, perhaps, but some. And the names rattle around like marbles in a Bell jar:

Boris Johnson (becomes Great Britain's prime minister.)
Kim Jong Un.
Vladimir Putin.
Donald Trump
Chinese president (forever)  Xi Jinping
Benjamin Netanyahu (love the unsubstantiated Mossad raid on alleged Iranian nuclear machinations)

Back-slapping, "fake news" and a host of other Joseph Goebbels gadgets dot the horizon and I am too lazy to sort out every illustration in my mind. I feel it ... but as the tyrants rise, feeling is all the rage.

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