Saturday, July 27, 2019

working with A's

Of late, the stories that once asserted a presence in my mind would arrive full-blown and adorned. But lately, they have been like confetti fluttering down -- just snippets that go no where in particular: They just arise without especial meaning and fade like a log in quicksand. Come-and-gone ... that's all.

Today, for example, I seemed to be working on A's as the suggestion arose, purpose and meaning unknown:
Was it an insult? A descriptor? A rootless witticism? Where did it come from? What did it mean? Yes, it tasted good, somehow, but to what end and in what context? Did it have an application? What was its back story? I'd like to think it might be a pretty good insult, but an insult to whom?

I guess it's enough that it's tasty. There's too much white bread in the world. A little flavor, however weird, is a nice surprise.

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