Sunday, July 14, 2019

western science?

Sent this email to a couple of friends today, but thought I might post it here as well:
Is there any 'western scientific' study of acupuncture/acupressure that you know of. I tried looking it up on Google and everywhere I turned, western approaches all seemed to embrace the unspoken assumption that such eastern approaches were A. "anecdotal" (over 1000 years??????) or B. threatened the medical income of the western medical community.

I am asking because I simply can't find a rigorous scientific approach to something that might, as it has, benefit the patient community. I find it hard to believe someone hasn't taken this bull by the horns.... so I'm asking you because I'm too lazy.
It's so easy to assume something is right/wrong and then not even investigate the mirror image ...


  1. Come on! There’s tons of stuff online!!

    Nice well written surveys, and some critical work.

    Persistence in searching will take you journals and the studies.

    A little more you’ll find the meta studies.

    Get in the old VW and head over to Harvard.

  2. Check this out before you get in the car:
    A list of Acupuncture Studies done at Harvard:

  3. How’s you research reading going?

    I like this study for which an abstract is online on the site if the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine.
    As good Western Research would do, in the study scientists examined a single acupuncture point, stimulated it in a statistically relevant number and determined if it does what is claimed in authentic Chinese Medicine.

    Actually, the practice of acupuncture is acknowledged in most states in the USA. In all but six states one must have rigorous knowledge and training in order to obtain a license to practice acupuncture. This alone should answer your essential inquiry.

    In Mass. here’re the requirements