Wednesday, July 3, 2019

WMD revisited

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that he informed U.S. President Donald Trump in advance of what Israel has described as a spy mission in Tehran last year to capture a secret Iranian nuclear archive.
Netanyahu said in April 2018 that Mossad operatives had spirited thousands of hidden documents out of Tehran that proved Iran had previously pursued a nuclear weapons program. Trump cited the Israeli findings in his decision, a month later, to quit a 2015 deal that had scaled down Iran’s nuclear project.
Iran denies ever seeking nuclear weapons and has accused Israel of faking the Tehran mission and documents trove... .
Netanyahu said that, when he later presented main findings from an Israeli analysis of the documents to Trump at the White House, the president “voiced his appreciation for the boldness”.
“I have no doubt that this helped to validate his decision to withdraw from this dangerous (Iran nuclear) deal,” he said.
Shades of Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction...." you remember, right? -- the weapons that did not exist.

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  1. Thought that Trump’s latest stupidity was hilariously pathetic:

    President Trump said the American Revolution War Troops 'Took Over the Airports' in His Fourth of July speech.

    He blamed his TelePrompTer.
    Good Grief.
    I think that most Americans would not have been that stupid.