Sunday, July 7, 2019

free hugs

By the side of the two-lane road and beneath blue-all-over skies today, a man stood by his car that was parked on the verge. As traffic passed, he hoisted a largish and legible sign that said simply, "Free Hugs."

The smallness of it and the clarity and the fact that I am a romantic by nature drew me to him. The world might be going to hell in a hand basket but ... free hugs.

Icky? Yes, a little, but still ... pourquoi non? Why not stand and deliver in a world that may deliver for Amazon tomorrow, but seems to have difficulty meeting small and more important reminders.

After my wife and I stopped further up the road, had a hot dog and headed back home, we pulled over by the man. He said in a mildly-southern-accented voice that he and his daughter were going to all 50 states. He looked to be nosing around 50-year mark and there were stickers on his car to indicate what states he had already touched base with.

"We're all human," he said without bluster or zeal. Thank God he wasn't a Christian. :)

Sure, Donald Trump could get it for you wholesale, but isn't free better?

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  1. A friend claims he experience enlightenment when he was hugged by Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma.

    Don’t under estimate the power of hugs.