Thursday, October 14, 2010

barefoot blues

A crispy, crunchy day today -- sky blue in the morning moment, leaves crackly in the driveway. Yesterday, like this morning, was one of those 'perfect' New England autumn days.

More perfection is promised on the weather forecast -- rain and soggy and leaden.

Soon enough there will be a need for the wood stove.

And, dammit, socks.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed or whether I am just making it up: People who do a regular, sit-down meditation practice have pinky toes that are straighter, less turned-in, than those who don't. Of course, those who go barefoot regularly also are less prone to malformed pinky toes.


  1. Oh yeah, put on my shoes before I go out again.

    thanks Adam

  2. Watch yourself, Woody: Several years back, I got an inadvertent case of frostbite by walking barefoot in the snow.

  3. As long as I don't sit on it, in it.

    My pants!?

    I need them to work!

    My boots feel good on right now, I did get them right, on, left... lemme look.


    I'm goin' out ta heaven. But the sun is behind a cloud. Lemme go remind the sky to clear while I work.

    Woods look out, here I come! Here pants!!!

  4. [H]ah[h]!
    Pinky less turned in toes. :)

    There was a Kurdish guy once who went to the store to buy some banans. He bought them. When he was quality checking them later, he discovered they were all croocked. Guess what he did. He threw them all.