Sunday, October 24, 2010

the wuss factor

My wife has fired up the wood stove and last night I turned on the heat in the zendo. It's 43F this morning -- not especially cold, and yet the older I get the colder it gets ... and the same goes for heat.

Once I was all for toughing such things out -- facing heat and cold as if somehow they could be overcome. Today, my younger son has a baseball game and, assuming my body allows it, I will go ... and be bundled up into the bargain.

What's wrong with being a wuss?


  1. We (dogs and I) are goin' for a long walk!

    I don't care if it's raining!

    And cold! (ah, 52 degrees F, I didn't look)!

    And I'm not wearing a coat!

    Or pants!

    Or shoes!

    No leashes!

    Or shoes!

    I already said that!


  2. my son likes indoor sports, particularly computer games where one guy will take a gun and run all over the maze shooting up others. i would stand behind him and wathc as he defeats his opponents and at the same time get killed again and again, only to respawn again and again as a killer machine.

    he tells me that sports at school bore him. whether soccer games, baseball or others.

    something tells me that my son will grow up watching sport games on TV in future, and it takes a young father to tell another old father in his beads that maybe if u miss your son's baseball match and he loses the game, you could be saving him from becoming a combat soldier in future. Who knows what triggers what.

    china guy knows inhumane people best.