Monday, October 25, 2010

"Amongst the White Clouds"

.Documentary about Buddhist hermit traditions in the Chinese woods.


  1. When the the American mountains and rural America are peppered with Buddhist hermits, will know that Buddhism has finally arrived.

  2. I'll wuss out.
    It is sure a good video ... wait. How do i know?
    But i don't want to see it yet. I was more interested in saying hello, genkaku. Well, cheking how you are and what you might need (if there are things i could do to an old man?)

    Maybe i don't want to say the video because i don't know if it is good or bad yet. Somehow, i mean that things must be good before doing them. You can't do them and later decide if they were good? --- Can you decide if carrot tastes good before eating it? Can you decide if a cockaroach (and ewww) tastes good before eating it?

    Needs first, then rules. Sleep then activity. Filling the car with gass, and then driving.



  3. Among White Clouds was shown nearby a couple of years ago and afterward the film maker talked about how his work on the film.

    While I was watching the film, the hermits seem to be so isolated that I began to think of the Japanese soldiers in Hawaii who were found hiding in the mountains and they didn't even know that WWII was over.

    So I asked the film maker if the Chinese hermits missed the revolution in 1949, like maybe they didn't even know that there had been one.

    He said oh no, it's not like that at all. Most of the hermits are living just outside of town, that you just walk for a bit, turn a corner, and there's a monk living in a hut.

    A splash of cold water on my imagination!

  4. It seemed clear to me from the implements and clothing and building materials that they were not exactly living alone ... just alone-r than some.