Monday, October 11, 2010

concrete creativity

This morning I visited a blacksmith. I wanted to know how much he might charge to create a small, wrought-iron circle I want to put at the top of a staff. I cut the maple wood something like 30 years ago, but only now am getting around to finishing it.

He gave me a rough price and then the two of us got to gabbing about the possibilities. It was such a pleasure to talk to someone who could enter my rough mental sketches and offer options, improvements, changes, possibilities. He heard me and I heard him and the two of us were like a couple of old hens. He could see what I wanted to accomplish and had the skills and experience to make concrete suggestions that were more than just salesmanship. He too loved the creativity at hand.

In a world that sometimes seems to be filled with people who can read and believe and go no further than a product's label (there's only one answer) ... well, all I can say is that it renewed my faith in humanity ... to find someone who could think with me ... although my son, who was waiting for me in the car, was a bit cranky when I finally climbed back into the driver's seat.

What a treat.

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  1. I make tootsie pop wrapper prayer flags. Even though they look like prayer flags they're not, and even though they look like candy wrappers they're not. I need a tootsie pop! I don't need a tootsie pop!

    Good thing there's a wind blowin'.