Sunday, October 17, 2010

clean zendo

Because I got an email from a fellow who said he and his wife were coming to do zazen this morning, I went out to the zendo last night and, for the first time this year, turned on the heat. It's nippy and the zendo is not much protection from the cold.

I also cleaned the altar and its statues, cleaned the incense burner, cleaned the cushions and cleaned the floor.

So even if the visiting teachers do not show up, still I will sit down in a clean and relatively warm place this morning.

1 comment:

  1. I sit out on the back deck in the sun, feeding the birds, which eat from my hand thinking, "Bird, is this a warm hand-shaped feeder." The other hand holds water, and they say, "Ding! A hot tub! Wit cushions!"

    So much for workin' my asp off last night! Now I'z can zits on it! Oops, I meant sitz on Zits, have a choice... birds do, two... food/water|sitz.