Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Strange to think: Whatever virtue anyone lays claim to or ascribes to others is limited and therefore unsatisfactory in the end. It simply cannot assure the goals it lays claim to.

But the same is true for that which lacks something called virtue: It too is limited and cannot stand the test of time. It too cannot assure the goals it can lay claim to.

Since leading a peaceful and happy life might be a goal sought by the virtuous and unvirtuous alike, virtue and its counterpart must eventually be understood as avenues that deserve investigation at best and are simply mistaken at worst. Leading a life of compromise is not the same as leading a peaceful and happy life.

I guess I think it's all sort of strange because virtue and lack of virtue are such popular pastimes.

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  1. Care for the sick and dying in all forms brings full circle to One's being.