Sunday, October 24, 2010

breakthrough to where?

It arrived under the email subject line "HAHAHAHAHA." It appeared to come from China and its first lines were these:
I understood! I finally understood!!!

There is no high, no low, no left, no right, no start, no end, no
better, no worse, no here, no there, no this, no that, no happiness,
no sadness.
And further along:
And like a rongxiang whose heart momentarily saw no human beings, and
no self either, and he needed his computer to email some friends,
imagine that they exists.

How exciting if true. How disheartening if false. How normal, assuming it's not abnormal.

A email friend in Mexico once sent me a note in which he mentioned in passing that his Tibetan Buddhist teacher had approved his understanding. "But let's not make too much of it," he added. To discover the wind on your face or a red rose or the laughter that accompanies a good joke ... let's not make too much of it.

Still, I am happy if it's true.


  1. oh my god you are the true master of all zen masters! i set such a complicated riddle and stil u managed to break the code.

    i am amazed, impressed and totally defeated by you.

    the china guy

  2. Science Joke:

    Two bacteria walked into a bar and sat down. The bartender said, "Sorry, we don't serve bacteria here."

    The bacteria responded, "But we're staff!"