Monday, October 18, 2010

TV sports

Lately, I have gotten a small education in sports programs on TV -- the kind of pastime that encourages couch potatoes to veg out and cheer.

In the past, I only had an occasional interest in sporting events, but nowadays, when I do watch TV, I like the fact that in sports, when the commentators finally shut up, something is actually happening... it's not stale or second-hand.

Even on sports shows, there are a lot of commentaries and opinions and speculations, but they seem to be fewer than on news shows. The creativity of a sporting event is comparatively refreshing: What can be more refreshing that something happening right now? TV dramas and sitcoms tend to lack the quirky uncertainty that life in the present tense serves up. But baseball or basketball or hockey or football ... in the playing, they are right-now. And through the miracle of TV remote controls, you can always mute the commentaries.

I doubt that sports on TV will ever turn into an addiction for me, but the alive-ness of play is refreshing when I do watch: No analysis can confine it; no commentary can compass it. It's just ... happening.


  1. Ah but try this: Watch "the action" with the volume turned all the way down. You are more in tune with the action than the blablabla..

    There are a bunch of play by play and commentator teams I don't care for for the soccer games, and when I watch the NBA the Brazilian commentators just aren't the same. I turn the volume down and just watch the action.

  2. It is just happening. But with the interferrence of the intellectuals it is ... getting ... ouch! Better or worse. ... Try to make it better it gets worse, and try to make it worse. It gets worse. There is only one way to make it good. Not just good, but really really good.

    We have to listen to "Daruma". Apologies, we have to listen to God.


  3. God is in the losing fall as glory rose through silence all.

    The wind did take my breath away, and gave it back on yesterday.

  4. The Great Gong Of DeathOctober 21, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    My Whiskey-induced brain disagrees. Not quite sure how though.