Friday, November 19, 2010

9/11 agreements

Nov 19, 3:41 PM (ET)


NEW YORK (AP) - More than 10,000 workers exposed to the tons of toxic dust that blanketed ground zero after the World Trade Center fell have ended their bruising legal fight with New York City and joined a settlement worth at least $625 million, officials said Friday.
The deal will resolve an overwhelming majority of the lawsuits over the city's failure to provide protective equipment to the army of construction workers, police officers and firefighters who spent months clearing and sifting rubble after Sept. 11.
Among the thousands who sued, claiming that soot at the site got into their lungs and made them sick, more than 95 percent eligible for the settlement agreed to take the offer. Only 520 said no or failed to respond.
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I believe the insurance on the two World Trade Towers -- both facing massive asbestos refurbishing before their demolition -- was about $7.2 billion. A fund paid for by the American people will foot the bill for the latest legal agreement.

Still, not a bad financial packet for the insured party and his assumed chums ... give or take a few deaths.

For those with patience, here's an interesting video:

And, also requiring a bit of patience ....

Doubting Thomas reprise of 9/11 demolitions

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  1. I did not have the "patience" to watch half the first video.

    Why were facts as such hidden from us and revealed just recently? I say that was the governments tentative attempt of adorning the truth in order to start war against terrorism. Without the 11 september, war against terror would hardly have started.

    I am glad these wars started. Thank God. I mean it hurts to see a fotball player do something as stupid as running away from bruises.