Monday, November 29, 2010

seizing opportunities

The sun this morning is bright-white and low out of the East. Yesterday I had an email from a cousin who said how much she looked forward to the solstice (Dec. 21-22) -- the time when the ever-shorter days of winter started to get longer again. There is something consoling about light and she looked forward to that consolation.

What an opportunity ... a time when one things turns into another and yet because it is impossible to know personally when the change occurs, the possibility of separating "one thing" and "another" is thrown into question. Where is the line between short days and long? Where is the line between night and day? Where is the line between fish and fowl? Where is the line between you and me?

Does one thing really turn into another?

I doubt it, but it's the kind of thing everyone checks out as a result of seizing his or her own opportunities.

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