Wednesday, November 17, 2010

candied carrots

The donkey dons the carrot, the carrot entices the donkey:

"It is wise to..."

"It would be better to ..."

"Compassion is necessary ..."

"Emptiness is the nature of all things..."

"Evil and good are not the same thing ...."

"Enlightenment is just around the corner ..."

"Choirs of angels sing ..."

"Love and oneness prevail...."

"Heaven is up, hell is down ...."

"Wisdom resides in ...."

"Ignorance and attachment -- a fool's errand ..."

Delicious carrots.

Take care of the jackass who straps on such carrots.

Beware and take care.


  1. A hammock is here. This hammock is beautiful. Who rests in this hammock?

  2. question: is it possible to have sex on a hammock? I just wonder if the hammock can sustain the shaking.


  3. Some hammocks are built better than others.