Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is an interesting habit to insist or assume that questions need or have answers. Isn't it OK just to let them be questions and not impose upon them?

War is the answer.

Peace is the answer.

God is the answer.

Money is the answer.

Love is the answer.

Drugs are the answer.

Singing is the answer.

Sorrow is the answer.

Joy is the answer.

Sometimes I think answers are little more than the cause of all tribulations. But is this so?

I don't know.


  1. I don't know is the answer

    the present moment is the answer

    no answers is the answer

    We all have'em, what is yours?

  2. No answers is the answer? Goodness gracious. Lord aboveth knows the vague & fleeting. Could someone please explain these musings to a limberdick rustic like myself?

  3. Hi limberdick rustic -- Have you ever found an answer that did not pose another question? Really? "No answer is the answer" hardly answers adequately the uncertainties of the heart.

    What then?

  4. Hmmmm...I guess you're right. Although I think I'm still stuck at figuring out what constitutes a question and what constitutes an answer.
    THIS is confusing. GAAAH!
    Humble handshakes from Europe. Have a slightly confusing and/or great sunday!

  5. Exactly.
    If you can't figure out the question. Give up.
    But if you figure it out? Then you have something called the Quran (Quran means Allahs words).


  6. Time for chores, then a nap... screw questions!

  7. Is that you (screw)driver?
    He is lousy.
    I will win the race!
    By Allahs grace.