Saturday, November 6, 2010

compassion and clarity

Compassion and clarity ... maybe these two are the baseline requirements of a spiritual practice ... a life practice ... a life.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, the effort to be at home with these two aspects is not always easy: I can grow suspicious and downright cranky in the face of my own efforts ... and the efforts of others.

Did you ever find yourself in the company of someone who positively oozed 'compassion?' Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. So goody-two-shoes it makes you want to puke? Everything is just 'oneness,' so there's no need to differentiate this from that or take offense or speak out boldly.


And then there's the other end of the spectrum -- everything has a deeeeep meaning, is profound, is solemnly in need of a severe haircut, is crystalline and factual and as-it-is. Ramrod straight and never heard a good dirty joke they couldn't refrain from laughing at. No duality. Emptiness. Rigid as Viagra. Spiritual life is important.


The ick's, for me, just seem to refer to my own unwillingness to relax; to let life unfold without my imagined help; to pay attention but not grasp; to stop imagining I could possibly be good or better ... or, in some secret place, best.

As inescapable imperatives, clarity and compassion are not two things. Each is the other, though of course time passes. To know what they are escapes me.

But it does seem that they work a lot better when I stop interrupting.


  1. Compassion, Clairty and human nature (Buddhanature / fitra ). Or is the fitra something obvious?

    Now i have made you consentrate about the fitra, and is the a problem? No and that is not obvious.

    I want to think that it is easier to evade objects (suffering) that are going to crash with you (or others) if you see them or sense them at all.

    If you are suggesting that we should sleep and let nature take its course, then that won't work since the Icks are always going to be present.

    They will form a problem, dear one. One ought to evade unless you learn to forgive everything.

    So have we solved the problem with Icks and the forgiveness it requires. But how do we deal with external interferrence (external icks)?


  2. Ick is a nice word.

    Thumb up.