Tuesday, November 23, 2010

interview techniques

Crossed my mind:

Seriousness is the willingness to put your own ass on the line.

Solemnity is the desire to have someone else put their ass on the line.

And maybe you can't seriously serious up without finding out that solemnity does not fill the bill, does not answer the questions that seriously get asked. When has solemnity ever answered questions about death, disease, drugs, divorce or delight, just to name a few alliterative queries?

This morning, a college student who called me on the phone is coming over to do an interview. Josh said something about Buddhism and asked if he could come. I said sure. He probably has to write a paper ... I don't know. And if that's the case, perhaps he will don his solemnity outfit ... god knows I did that more than once when doing news stories about spiritual life. Gotta be polite, respectful, humble ... you don't want to piss off the minions of the gods ... unless of course it's a full-fledged attack which would be miles more fun.

Anyway, I've got to get off the machine now and make some brownies. My older son is coming home from college today and he likes brownies. But it occurs to me that Josh might like one too. Nothing like a little chocolate to bank the fires of solemnity.

Chocolate is serious stuff.


  1. Haha.
    Chocolate is serious stuff.
    Good for me that i like it.

    Fear of pissing of the Gods of the one you are interviewing depends in my world on how confident you are (courageous) and how well spoken and educated you are (clarity). The interview objecet can provide me with his doubts. I'll get them!

    I am pretty humble though, so mistake it for fear and common stupidity.


  2. Never been much of a chocolate guy meself.
    Being the son of an apple farmer in Norway, I've grown a rather mean taste for Peaches.
    Peaches!...how do you like them apples?

    God knows the Gods can pack a vicious punch.