Friday, November 19, 2010

eye on the ball

Anyone who watches a (U.S.) football game has seen it happen:

The quarterback throws a pass towards a receiver down-field.
The receiver, who knows there are nearby opponents stalking him, watches the ball coming and rushes to an appropriate point at which to catch it.
But at the last moment before the ball enters his arms, he takes his eye off the ball and plots an escape from those who would bring him down.
As a result, he misses the ball and there is no gain on the play.

If escaping from the bumps and bruises of life is the best anyone can muster, how in heaven's name can they expect to catch the ball and advance their cause?


  1. Haha.

    I would have appreciated footbal (US) much more if kick and punches to eventual enemies were allowed. The absence of the ability to reply to a potential offense makes me weaker ... The fault is not entierly on the player. But also on the rules of that game.

    One needs to defend himself and footbal is not quite respectable in my eyes. Where it allows for being jumped on and having to only accept it as an option. That is fire my friend.

    Fire can be useful, and can be harmful. Or something so-so. The fire you got is so-so. The fire of Allah is ... GRAAAA!

    May God save us from this worlds fire.