Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A California woman was said to have drugged her husband's meal, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis and put it down the garbage disposal. She called 911 and allegedly told officers who arrived, "he deserved it."

Yesterday, my two sons got seriously pissed off at each other. When I entered the room, they were locked in combat on the floor. It upset me, not least because I could find no soothing solution to their differences. The best I could come up with was what I told my younger son later: "It's OK to get angry. Everyone has the capacity to get angry. But what you do with that anger is another matter."

Or, as Suzuki Roshi once observed more or less: "It's OK to say 'I am so angry.' But to say, 'I am so angry and it's your fault' is too much."

How tiring it is to listen to smarm-mongers attempting to blot out or smother with kindness an ordinary human capacity.

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  1. I understand this and agree but saying it is just not enough. The real questions -- how do you actually release the anger? I have a right to be pissed but acting on it does me no good and hurts only me.