Friday, July 29, 2011

an old (clean) joke

A guy is driving down a back road, looks over into a field and sees a pig with a wooden leg. Unable to contain his curiosity, he drives up to the farmhouse where he sees a fellow sitting on the porch. "Excuse me," says the driver, "but I couldn't help but notice you have a pig with a wooden leg." "Yes," the farmer replies, "and I want to tell you he's some kind of pig. One time, one of the kids was trapped under a log down in the creek and the pig ran all the way here and led us back. If he hadn't, the kid would have drowned. Another time, my wife and I were asleep in our bedroom when a fire broke out. Pig knocked in the front door, ran up the stairs and pounded on our door until we got up and escaped. Yessir, I could tell you some other stories as well ... he's some kind of pig." The driver looks at the farmer perplexed. "I can see he is some kind of pig, but that doesn't explain why he has a wooden leg." "Oh that's simple," says the farmer: "A pig like that, you don't eat him all at once."


  1. Dear G,

    Would like to reveal that despite combating depression, porn addiction, and several challenges, out of seemingly nowhere I have gotten an educator position (which I am not inclined to keep for long), and a private blog as a teach-myself-zen-teacher-student.

    Call it mimicry, but it started because of u. And I guess come to a certain stage.. I no longer dare to proclaim anybody a teacher less I end up causing problems for others.. yet..

    wow. It was quite an awful lot of hardship just to start a blog.


  2. Like it, a case of having your pig and eating it too ......

  3. " and a private blog as a teach-myself-zen-teacher-student.

    Call it mimicry, but it started because of u. "

    One thing I have learned in life ...... mimicry/copying will definitely bite you in the ass sooner or later.

    You cannot be another person, you need to learn the hardest thing and that is "who the hell am I"?

  4. If you only copy others, you're screwed.
    If you don't copy others, you're screwed as well.

    Let's just choose our lies (role models) with care and never stop mimicking until we get to the bottom of things.

  5. thank u.

    for tonite's practice, i will begin with looking at another past mistake.

    as if a koan i set for myself before i begin to sit.. i started practising because i saw the mistake. come to a point, i stopped making the mistake.. and then i realised, the mistake is no longer a mistake, it was a path i had to take to realise it wasn't a mistake.

    and then, a few more months, now it looks like a mistake again to me, and the joke is, with the remaining legs and time i have, i gotta repeat the mistake again.

    it's just like the economic recessions, the US got out before, then it came again. then it got out again. then now it's about to come back again. I wonder what we are trying to solve.