Wednesday, July 27, 2011

not good enough

It's true in any field of endeavor, I suppose, but since I am interested in spiritual life, I find myself touched by the expressions of inadequacy that can be read between the lines of those attempting to scale those heights.

Not good enough, not holy enough, too weak, too scattered, too frail, too sinful, too stupid, too smart, too impatient, too doubtful, too young, too old, too scared, too arrogant ... the laundry list goes on and on and that list is sometimes used to advantage by those who want no more than to turn a buck in the spiritual realms.

It is all pretty touching because it is so utterly human. Anyone with any sort of goal becomes immediately cognizant of the barriers that litter the road leading to that goal. Spiritual endeavor is no different. Goals of any sort imply the barriers that stand in the way.

I would love to hug the spiritually uncertain and unsure into an easier frame of mind ... much as I might hug my children in an attempt to bolster their confidence and willingness. More especially, I would love to know the appropriate times to apply a hug ... and when to offer a kick in the ass. Both are important encouragements, but when to apply which can be a delicate matter.

In either event, the struggles of the spiritually-inclined impress and sometimes touch me. I am most impressed by those unwilling to settle for "answers" and "meanings." And the sometimes heart-rending efforts to crack the case, to find a heart and mind that are at peace, are touching.

I want to help and yet know simultaneously that helping is impossible. I want to ease the fears and diminish the sense of inadequacy ... but in the end, there is no one else who can do such things. Only the aspirant -- the one whose inadequacies shine like a beacon -- can consent to do it.

All I can think to say is, "Everyone is inadequate in this matter -- no one is good enough -- so, for the moment, let's find some consolation in good company."

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