Friday, July 29, 2011

happily ever after




  1. If we told children the truth, we'd be arrested for abuse.

  2. Haha. What a pile of shit!
    Who makes up this stuff?
    Are we supposed to base our lives on a lie.
    I guess, but still fact is that God is the truth.

    And olcharlie is saying truth when he says that you would have been arrested for telling lies to children. I was one person who was protected from the truth that is sought, and that I was told to be sought. What happened, I went through ALOT of pain and was close to death (and I wish I had just died from all that pain). Forgive me, but this is the truth. You are making your own hell with your hands and living for eachothers company. What company? What did I have? What do I have now? I am banned from everywhere! Thanks for your commands and that noone ever helped me. At least now, I know you are lying guys. I can rest my mind and know that you are just thiefes and liars that swore to protect eachother. I depend on Allah to protect you. I am better than you, I am a servant.