Wednesday, July 27, 2011

going for a walk

My doctor has advised me in dutifully avuncular style to watch my diet and get more exercise. Given my lack of disciplined lifestyle, I try to do both, but succeed only intermittently.

I walk around the block. Once upon a time, I could have accomplished this without a second thought. Now, given an aging body, it requires determination and a slowed pace.

But one of the benefits of walking I really enjoy -- aside from the do-good aspects my doctor might applaud -- is the fact that going for a walk, even a small one, allows me to walk off my philosophies.

Walking requires my full attention and within that attention there really is no room for spiritual or philosophical cotton candy. Far from feeling diminished in this accomplishment, I feel lighter and more clear-headed ... both of them elements promised by philosophical and spiritual encouragements. The stink and weight abates, the sky accompanies me even when I don't notice, and any swirling doubts or certainties take a well-deserved break.

OK ... time for a walk.


  1. hope you enjoyed your walk? lol ;)

  2. I really enjoy long walks, especially when they are taken by someone really annoying.

  3. Just walked out to the garden as a mist descended, no need to water right now.

    Walk back inside and get dressed.