Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the blessing of our heresies

It seems to me that heresy (in the broadest sense of the word) is absolutely essential to any belief. The more heart-felt the belief (whether spiritual or social) the more important the heresy. In fact, there is no escaping the heresy that beliefs (money, love, God, enlightenment, material possessions) may energetically deny or disparage.

Believers, to my way of thinking, are heretics and the only important thing about that assertion is that a believer diligently pursue and investigate his most heart-felt belief and acknowledge his heresy as a blood-line ally. As exhalation follows inhalation, as night follows day, as anger comes with love ... how could belief ever stand a chance of being 'true' without its fullest acknowledgment of its shadow existences. Heresy is really, really important. Right and wrong are important, but they are also sissies.

This is not just theoretical bullshit. It speaks directly to the longing for peace of mind in this life.

Somehow, in an effort to actualize that peace, it will be necessary to go to the place where the light meets the shadow and they are so tightly interfused that there is no longer light or shadow ... nor any lack of light and shadow. This is a world of wonder ... or, from the believer's point of view, a world of eek. What makes the deep fear worth it to the believer is that without entering such a world, there can never be the peace the believer may claim he wishes to attain. That peace, so to speak, is worth the war.

Gently, but firmly ....

Acknowledge and investigate the belief.

Acknowledge and investigate the heresies so zealously kept at bay.

Gently but firmly, watch them at play. Gently but firmly allow them their time and place. Gently but firmly, be patient. Gently but firmly do not succumb to intellect or emotion ... just watch. Watching is not an exercise for the philosophically adroit or the oh-so-sincere. It is an exercise for the courageous and wobbling and determined. As the Japanese say, "fall down seven times, get up eight."

Bless the heresies. Damn the beliefs. And go forward despite the blandishments of either. Forward to where the light meets the shadow, the day meets the night, the then meets the now, the fear meets the longing, the strength meets the weakness it relies on ... actualize what is true, not what is believable: No believer, no lack of believer; no heretic nor any lack of heretic ... to the easy grace of a place where the bullshit no longer finds a footing, where nothing whatsoever works....

But a smile works.

Or a laugh.

Or a stubbed toe.

Or a kiss.

Or anything at all.

Peace is not for sissies.

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