Monday, November 21, 2011

the desire to be well-thought-of

What a strange and human facet -- the desire to be well-thought-of.

At its foundation, I imagine, is the separation of this from that, "me" from "you" To be well-thought-of is to be well-thought-of by someone else.

There is no point in bad-mouthing or criticizing this desire. It is as common as grass on a backyard lawn. The desire to be well-thought-of inspires both altruism and depravity.

Gently and firmly, I think this desire is worth examining ... the creation of some 'other' authority in order to assert 'this' authority; the shakiness of the premise; the support beams of fear; the implicit uncertainties that are nourished by such a desire; the longing to be loved; the question of whether the loneliness that is staved off is actually staved off or more-probably nourished; and the damage that can be done in pursuit of that endlessly elusive goal -- to be well-thought-of.

A curious matter.

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