Sunday, November 13, 2011

zendo entrance stairs

Could use some contrast but ... oh well...
Zendo stairs Nov. 2011   


  1. :) Very nice.


  2. Is this at the Black Moon Zendo?
    I always wished someday I visit you there.
    I'll try to come by as soon as I can travel again.

  3. OSHA -- Temple DeparmentNovember 14, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Nicely rustic!

    What are the brown rectangles? They look like they might be pieces non-slip tape. In any case it would be a good idea.

    Where are the handrails?

    Still waiting for a complete set of photos to be put up on

  4. The stairs are concrete mistakes. I had hoped they would be circular, but the forms I built were not strong enough and everything went wubba-wubba. The top of each step is coated with black grout into which I set pieces of tile I had laid on the bathroom floor in the house. I thought about railings and I can imagine some officious building inspector doing the same, but I never got around to them and anyway figured that if someone could not manage such obvious targets, well ... they didn't have far to fall. :)

  5. They look cute anyway, just like a home-made meal which someone makes for the first time; it may not be as perfect as the recipe but it tastes good anyway.