Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the ultimate

In the spam folder this morning, I see something in some foreign language ... Spanish, perhaps, or Italian or Portuguese or possibly Romanian... one of the latinate languages. The subject line contains the word "Ultimo." It's my cue to dismiss and delete the email. I don't do "ultimate" emails, whether they show up in the spam folder or in the read-and-heed, this-is-from-a-friend folder.

I know "the ultimate" is enticing and I know it's delicious and I know it's 'serious' and I know it uses up wide swatches of brow-furrowing time, but the "ultimate" doesn't appeal to me. It's like anchovies -- I can't imagine eating one myself, but I can see that others are willing and determined to do so.

To my mind, well ... "'the ultimate,' my ass!"

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