Thursday, November 17, 2011

what is ignored

Somehow, the following two stories fit together in my mind ... the tale of a Hawaiian singer doing a 40 minute Occupy protest song at a state dinner that included U.S. President Barack Obama -- a song that made some participants jittery, but was largely ignored and ...

A very brief BBC news story about how it was that 'celebrities' like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and members of "Jersey Shore" could be raking in money without ever creating anything other than a 'faux celebrity' status. Since my kids seem drawn to stories or activities of these people, I am interested as well: They all seem to have two characteristics -- an over-weaning sense that they are somehow fascinating (and others buy into the notion) and a lack of intellectual or moral substance that, from my point of view, rivals a kumquat. They seem to be an American version of British royalty -- hopelessly ingrown and vastly ignorant ... but lacking royalty's limited sense of noblesse oblige. That, and, of course, the Americans seem to have bigger tits.

I guess the two tales fit together in my mind by reason of what is ignored.

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  1. Spot on!, it's only a matter of time though, through these trying times that people will wake up ( enlighten).