Thursday, November 17, 2011


Although I dislike relying on the tales of others and thereby running the risk of implying or imagining that because I can retell the tale I am therefore personally capable of the wisdom of that tale, still I seem to have no tales of my own this morning. I am stuck with what I dislike ... offering up already-chewed food instead of an honest plateful.

-- Reports suggest that the housing market may be in something of a comeback mode ... not! The good-news talking heads on TV can point to various 'rebounds,' but the facts are not at all so smiling-and-rosy-cheeked. How dispiriting it can be to feel the insecurity of not having a roof over your head.

-- The dilemma the Occupy movement presents to those operating within the system that brought about the impetus of the Occupy movement is pressing. Democrats, who may share some of the same views, are as leery as a moth flying close to the flame. And Occupy protesters seem to be as leery of those who agree with them as they are of those who don't. How long the Occupy movement can maintain its outsider status is up for grabs, but today is scheduled to be a day of renewed protests worldwide.

-- And for those who think things are bad in the U.S., consider Andalucia.

Living in insecurity is hard. The longing for a 'solution' and a sense of security is pressing. True in spiritual life as it is true on the sidewalks where dogs shit. "Give me the answer! Give me a little peace!"

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  1. Good Lord! Leave it to you to verbalize so precisely what I feel. I so identify with "longing for a solution". That's my constant state and I try hard to convince myself of the truth that there is no solution. But I keep looking and hoping anyway. Living in insecurity, to me, is hell on earth. But it is a small comfort to know I am in good company. :)