Friday, November 18, 2011

Stop! Look! And listen!

Amorphous stuff:

The ordinary way is to try to make things stop. Fear is an attempt to make things stop. Love is an attempt to make things stop. Belief, explanation and meaning are attempts to make things stop. This is the ordinary way.

But things don't stop.

And the disconnect between what is attempted and what is creates an understandable uncertainty ... which itself is another attempt to make things stop.

Buddhists refer to this activity as "ego," but no one who is uncertain cares what it is called. They would just like the uncertainty to stop.

And still things don't stop.

Within this uncertain and ordinary way of living, it is useful to build a better mouse trap -- to find an avenue and an effort that can absolve this life of uncertainty.

Railroad crossings, among others, offer a good suggestion:

"Stop! Look! And listen!"

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