Tuesday, March 5, 2019


You knew it was coming and now finally, it seems, here it is. Move over TED talks. Make some room on the self-referential rainbow of social analyses. It's here at last:
Are you turned on when you look in the mirror, and enjoy nothing more than a steamy night at home alone? You could be an autosexual.
Go back to your lairs, oh ye purveyors of gonna-fix-things-that-ail-you. No need for anyone else's opinion. The is the last word....

Only you know it isn't.

All you know is that is has endless possibilities and someone's going to make some money.

1 comment:

  1. Where do we insert the “A” into “LGBTQ”?

    I think it’s “ALGBTQ” but then I think it really should be “ASLGTPQ”

    A = Asexual, Autosexual.
    S = Straight.
    P = Paraphiliac having uncommon sexual interests (inanimate objects, animals, etc.) (Not sure where pedophilia fit in. I wonder where Aristotle would have classified them.)

    — Reductio ad absurdum