Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Saudis tap into U.S. water

Who's buying U.S. supplies of water? Salesman-before-all-else Donald Trump might be pleased to hear it is Saudi Arabia.
With the Saudi Arabian landscape there being mostly desert and alfalfa being a water-intensive crop, growing it there has always been expensive and draining on scarce water resources, to the point that the Saudi government finally outlawed the practice in 2016. In the wake of the ban, Almarai decided to purchase land wherever it is cheap and has favorable water conditions to produce enough feed for its 93,000 cows.
In 2012, they acquired 30,000 acres of land in Argentina, and in 2014, they bought their first swath of land in Arizona. Then, in 2015, they bought 1,700 acres in Blythe – a vast, loamy, agricultural metropolis abutting the Colorado river, where everything but the alfalfa seems cast in the hue of sand. Four years later, the company owns 15,000 acres – 16% of the entire irrigated valley.


  1. The Donald was be pleased, but the Andy isn’t.

  2. Here’s another extremely problematic Saudi acquisition attempt pleasing to the Donald:

    The Trump administration is eager to give nuclear technology to the Saudi regime!
    - The Washington Post