Friday, March 29, 2019

spring before spring

Yesterday, at my request, my younger son took me on a drive through the nearby Massachusetts hills. There was snow littered in the shaded woods to our left and right. Plump streams followed the roads we traveled. Men in mackinaws could be heard winding up their chain saws.

It was too late and too light in the day (c. 1000) for the nocturnal animals to be afoot, but the peeking pinks and tentative greens on the trees were visible. Deer and fox and bear were practicing for a new season not yet fully arrived. It was all very fresh-fresh-fresh after much time spent indoors.

A time still of wishful thinking perhaps, but hope is such a come-hither cuss.

Soon the sugar shacks will fire up and distill the syrups from the sap.

Pretty good rule of thumb: Feeling blue? Get out under the blue.