Thursday, May 2, 2019

blurry times

Somewhere in the recent past the number of lies and misrepresentations of the president of the United States became fodder that was included in the morning mix of news stories presented on the wires. I cannot remember a time in my past when the president's prevarications rose to the level of news.

All politicians lie ... OK. But the line is being blurred from my perspective, which includes the notion that lying is simultaneously a no-no ... and the moreso when it is attributed to the man charged with running the United States.

A blurry time. A time when everyone becomes a victim.

Men become women.
Women become men.
An era when comedians with no adequate humor to offer resort to "fuck."
"Fuck" "Fucker" Fucking" "Fuckee" ... until the music is gone and only the notes remain.
Unarmed black people get shot.
The dangers faced by police officers goes largely unreported.
There is a feeding frenzy around "opioid addiction."
No mention of the fact that opioids have demonstrable pain-killing capacities.
The Washington Post pulls the trigger on presidential lies...
Even as the Congress cannot seem to muster the backbone/trigger that would allow them to put Trump out of our misery.

The president is a congenital liar. How 'great' can America be?

Where will America's next war erupt -- Venezuela? Somewhere in Africa?

Foreign policy, alliances, nuclear treaties, dodging climate change ... blur, blur, blur ... everything moving in retrograde and not a single positive position on anything other than a Tweet.

It blurs in my mind. Literally.

A strange, blurry era in my strange, blurry brain.

Hurricanes and forest fires of a raging voraciousness gobble up not just trailer parks, but suburban neighborhoods as well.

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  1. Perhaps we need increased efforts and alternative points of view.

    First one would not expect most high school graduates to comprehend the intricacies of advanced engineering problems. Why should one expect to be able to easily comprehend how to administer a government or understand matters between two or more government.

    As for having a pathologically lying sociopathic president some training in forensic psychiatry might help. I hear the sound of a chant.... “Lock him up!” I recall that there have a couple of mentally disturbed rulers from the times of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

    Regarding changing cultural norms a substantive background in sociology and history would likely be useful.

    I wonder if people with non-normal leanings become shamans in other cultures. Chelsea Manning is a perfect example of an transsexual who was an honest purveyor of Insight.