Saturday, May 4, 2019

skulkers et al

What well-intentioned bureaucrat thought to organize things in such a way that the Department of Unintentional Virginity should be set cheek-by jowl -- in the same hallway, for crying out loud -- with the Sympathy of Skulkers. Luckily, a schedule in the lobby below shows that acolytes of either do not meet at the same time and hence fuel the flames of fragility, if you get my drift. Imagine the fisticuffs if disciples should murmur and shuffle at the same time.

Pterodactyls are left intact, but it is an uneasy world when these two should brush, however lightly, against the tail feathers of the other. Stay tuned for the TED talk. The ages-long friction shows all the makings of a catastrophe but to date the enmity has been muted. But where there is friction, there is someone who has found a way to make money from it and smile the smile of indecorously-straightened teeth.

Each remains discreet and winning and ... well, you know what I mean.

Someone will fix it.


1 comment:

  1. In a fight which would win?

    A Dragonfly or a Praying Mantis?