Monday, May 20, 2019

fitting last words?

Somewhere, out of the corner of my ear last night, I heard a TV documentary about a devoted Alabama gardener refer to what sounded like "Mark Twain's last words." Though I was dozing, the words, which didn't sound much like Twain to me, were: "There's no one to play with any more."

A good-ish explanation/epitaph it seemed to me ... no one to play with any more.

I tried looking it up on the internet -- did Twain say such a thing? -- and got no where. No matter: I still like the words.

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  1. “Mark Twain’s” last words were to his daughter. They were in writing. He wrote, "Give me my glasses."

    From the archive, 22 April 1910: Mark Twain's last words. Originally published in the Manchester Guardian on 22 April 1910.