Tuesday, May 14, 2019

global warming yawn .... not

If nothing else, this John Oliver clip is worth it just to watch Bill Nye, public TV's "science guy," step outside the framework of capped teeth and gentle information injections.

In email this morning, a friend passed along an article about the blackouts planned in Calif., where faulty power lines are credited with recent forest fires. Pacific Gas and Electric -- the power purveyor -- has apparently folded into its planning the possibility of instituting black-outs on days when winds are likely to rise and thereby threaten power lines that sparked and lit previous fires. Nobody's really ready because, of course, the earth is flat and danger is something the Other Guy has to shoulder.


  1. PG&E’s Plan seems reasonable in the near term, its publicly known; but you say, “Nobody’s ready.”
    I don’t understand.
    A better solution is an engineering problem that’ll take time and resources.

  2. As for Bill Nye, the only thing I came away with was I need to buy a pack of Menthos and a two liter bottle of Coca Cola for the next picnic.
    His swearing said, I’m rebooting my schtick