Monday, May 6, 2019

if Trump weren't president ...

Congress may shudder at the notion of pulling the trigger on U.S. President Donald Trump -- and thus risk diminishing the cash infusions future re-election bids may require -- but legal eagles appear not quite so Emily Post about it all:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly 400 former federal prosecutors have signed onto a letter saying President Donald Trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice if he were anyone other than the president.
The letter was signed by more than 370 former Justice Department prosecutors who served under both Democratic and Republican administrations. It was released Monday by Protect Democracy, an advocacy group formed two years ago that is critical of the Trump administration.
The former prosecutors say special counsel Robert Mueller’s report “describes several acts that satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge.” Those actions include Trump’s efforts to have Mueller fired; Trump’s attempts to limit the scope of the Russia investigation; and Trump’s tweets and public statements aimed at discouraging aides from cooperating with prosecutors.


  1. If Trump weren’t President different sets of people would be happy, indifferent, or unhappy. In my part of America most would be happier than they are now. The overwhelming number of people vote Blue.

    In today’s Inbox was a long email from a group I signed up with called NeedToImpeach. It strongly suggested that we call Nancy Pelosi and respectfully but firmly insist that impeachment proceedings begin. A link was provided with a talking points script and a automated phone dialer. I completely agree with the content of that script (and I have my own list of Trump’s offenses to add).

    The unnamed author (I’m pretty sure the founder of this group is Tom Steyer) believes that Ms. Pelosi is dragging her feet. The more her delays, the more brazenly corrupt Trump gets. Makes sense.

    On cable TV “News” channels some alleged pundits have been explaining Nancy is shrewd in both politics and bureaucratic process so we should bear with her. She could conceivably rally a House vote for Impeachment but the Senate has a Republican majority so the most likely outcome is that Trump will not be removed. Makes sense.

    Makes me wonder where NeedToImpeach should really be placing it’s resources.


    Here’s the statement:

    The latest number is said to now be 800!
    (Don’t know who’s counting.)